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Gondola Upper Shelves

Gondola Upper shelves are available in either a flat configuration or a variable tilded configuration.

The flat shelves drop in at one flat angle

The variable tilted configuration can site at a flat position or a 15 degree upp slope and a 15 degree downslope.

The downslope is more widely used in a gravity feed configuration typically with a front fence to help prevent displayed items or products from falling off of the shelf and onto the floor.

Standard Upper Shelves

Available in a Heavy Duty Configuration.

Standard upper shelves are available in standard sizes from 12" deep to 24" deep. Available by special order are the 8", 10", 26", 28" and the deepest upper shelf is 30" deep.

Gondola Wire Shelves

Gondola Wire Shelves

Can be used for a wide varity of products or merchandise. The most popular use is to display snacks, candy, and bags of chips.

Gravity Feed Shelves

Gravity Feed Shelves

You can display bulk amounts of 2 liter soda bottles is a usefull gravity feed configuration.

Gondola Shelf Fencing

Gondola Shelf Fencing

Available in either a front fence or a side shelf divider. Used to help prevent items or product from falling off of an existing upper shelf.