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Pallet Racking

Is a heavy duty racking system mainly used in a warehouse or a storage type facility of all sizes, available in many sizes and configurations to meet the needs of most any warehouse application.

The main most popular use of a Pallet Rack System is to store and organize heavy loads of goods and equipment from 500 pounds up to 10,000 pounds.

Loading is generally performed with a Forklift with the goods or items to be stored usually loaded on a large wooden pallet in a 4′ X 4′ configuration.

A Pallet is a large heavy duty platform made of wood or plastic that can be loaded and moved with a forklift.

A Fork lift is a heavy duty vehicle designed with fork type blades in the front, a tremendous lifting capability for moving pallets and loading of a Pallet Rack. The Forklift moves the forks forward into the slots in a pallet and lifts the pallet to be moved or stored.

Main Components

Pallet Rack Uprights

Available in heights from 72 inches high to 192 inches high, depths from 24 inched to 48 inches deep,  constructed of high strength steel, include welded footplates for use with leveling shims.

Pallet Rack Beams

Available in three different configurations depending on the maximum load capacity, mount onto Upright Frames with a tear drop configuration, are slotted in a step to insert the deck supports, available in lengths from 36 inches long to 144 inches long.

Pallet Rack Decks

The most popular decks are: a plywood deck also available sealed, a 2 inch thick wood plank for heavy duty loads, and a wire grid deck configuration. the wire grid deck is available in a standard grid and a flow through grid deck.


We need the overall height, length, and depth of your application.

How many tiers or levels of decks.

What is your maximum load.

What type of decks are needed.