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Possibly the most popular wooden finish for an application.

The color black is compatble with most any shade or color.

Black Slatwall Panels are also a match for Black Gondola Shelving

Black Melamine Slatwall Panels

The Mealmine coating is one of the most affordable coatings for wood and the Melamine is a durable finish under standard use.

Black 4 X 8 Slatwall Panels

The standard size the panels are cut to are 4' X 8' with the grooves running along the 8' length of the panel.

Custom cuts and grooves are available.

Back is tha darkest color that is most comonly used colors in art, drawings and best to highlight text in a document.

The color black absorbs heat so it is not best to use the color black on an applications in direct sunlight.

Slatwall Panels

Almond Slatwall Panels

Black Slatwall Panels

Gray Slatwall Panels

White Slatwall Panels



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