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Gondola End Cap

As pictured above the standard end cap is generally placed at either end of an aisle of double sided gondola shelving or at both ends of an aisle of gondola shelving.

When configuring a Gondola End Cap is typically configured as the same size as the Gondolas. Less of a depth on the base shelves can be used, although generally the end cap is the same height as the Gondola.

Installing Gondola Shelving End Cap

The End Cap is simply placed or slid up against the and os an existing aisle of Double Sided Gondola Shelving. The back siude of the end is supported by the existing aisle of Gondola Shelving.

End Cap Backs

A backboard configuration for an end cap is a double back. Typically a perferated pegboard back is installed in the front and a silid back for the back of the fixture. Utilizing a pegboard back in the front of the unit allows for more flexability as pegboard hooks or displays can be fitte4d onto the front of the fixture.

Gondola Shelving End Frame

Gondola Shelving End Frame

As depicted above, what is known as an End Grame can be mounted to the upright at the and of an aisle of Gondola Shelving with a mount or bracket the connects the Gondola End Frame to the Gondola Upright.

The description of a Gondola End Frame would be a framed unit with a backboard installed.  A standard backboard would be sither a pegboard back or a sollid back. Custome backs can also be utilized by special order. Custome backs would include but not limited to a lit back, slatwal back and a wire grid back.

Upper shelves can also be added to the end frame although the end frame cannot support as much weight because there is no base shoe to support all of the weight Gondolas are known to suport.

A base shelf can be added to the end frame. The base shelf can be installed by simpley sliding it up against and existing end frame.