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Gondola Shelving Uprights

Lozier Shelving Upright

Madix Shelving Upright

Gondola Shelving Uprights

Available in heights from 3 feet to 9 feet high with extended lengths available by special order.

Gondola Shelf Extender

Madix Shelf Extender

Lozier Shelf Extender

Gondola Shelf Extender

Used to extend the height of existing Gondola Shelving System with heights starting at 6 inches to as high as 48 inches or 4 feet high.

Gondola Wall Upright

Gondola Wall Upright

Wall mountable upright less then half the girth as a Basic Upright. Mounts to a wall best in 4 foot increments as wall studs are a standard 16 inches apart.


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