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Gondola Upright Extension

Gondola Upright Extensions

Gondola Upright Extensions compatible with Lozier and Madix Gondola Shelving Systems.

The Upright Extension has a male counterpart that inserts directly into the female part located at the top of an existing basic upright.

Madix Extension Uprights

Unit with integral connector inserts easily into top of shelving section Upright, set screws expand connector, solidly aligning assembly.

Order one Center Spanner (SC) for 6" thru 36" and two for 48" or larger.

Maximum load capacity is 200 lb. when loaded one side only.

Add 9.95 for each Splicer Spanner needed.

Add $6.95 for a Upright Cover

Madix Extension Uprights are designed to fit into an existing Madix Basic Upright.

Extensions priced below do not include end covers

Extension Backing Pricing

Lozier Shelf Extensions

Designed to extend an aisle of Lozier Gondolas from 6" to as high as needed.

Simply insert into the top of an existing Lozier Upright.

Lozier Shelf Extensions are compatible with single sided wall and double sided gondola Lozier Shelving Systems

Use a Gondola Shelving Extension at the top of every basic upright to extend the height of your existing aisle of Gondola Shelving.


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